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Mainland WDO Position

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Women’s Football Development Officer
Christchurch, New Zealand

Mainland Football present an exciting opportunity for a Women’s Development Officer to join our team in developing Girls & Women’s football in the Federation.
The role will be working on behalf of Mainland Football implementing and delivering Girls & Women’s football growth, coaching and strategic development.

The position will be based out of English Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The full time role has the scope to manage and deliver the Whole of Football Plan programme’s and products as well as supporting the overall development of the key strategies identified by NZF and the Federation.

Full resources and material is available in support of the programmes and initial training shall be supplied.
The hours are flexible to suit your needs and the details of the salary, car and expenses package, along with additional support as part of the role, can be presented upon application.

If you have the ability, desire and character to work within a rewarding football role as part of the team and would like to be considered for the position, please send an introductory letter and CV to:

Applications to be completed & sent by Fri 20th May 2016

For full Job Description click HERE

Annual Report YE 31 December 2015

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Members are reminded the 16th Annual General Meeting of Central Football will be held on Sunday 1 May 2016 at 11.00am at the Eastland Junior Football Clubrooms in Gisborne. Please click here to view the Annual Report for the year end 31 December 2016 to be ratified at the Annual General Meeting. 



Hawke's Bay FTC Holiday Programme

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

This will be delivered by Central Football Staff members Leon Birnie & Aleesha Heywood

13-16 years boys & girls –Tues 26th & Wed 27th April 9.00am – 3.00pm

U10 – 12 years boys & girls –Thurs 28th & Fri 29th April 9.00am – 3.00pm

Venue: Park Island

Gear: Wear Blue or White FTC gear (Phase 1)     

Cost: $70

NOTE: We will only be taking 30 players in each age group

To REGISTER please click on the following link    


Upcoming Coaches Courses

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hawke's Bay Goalkeeping Academy

Monday, 11 April 2016

NCR April Holiday Programme

Friday, 8 April 2016
Please click here for information

Holiday Programme-Hawke's Bay

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Each session includes skill based training, so kids can learn the tricks and techniques to become better players. There are also plenty of chances to play football games in a fun environment, and experience the thrill of putting those skills into practice. 

Where:Napier Boys HIgh School OR St John's College Hastings 

When: Monday 18th April to Thursday 21st April

Who for: Boys and Girls 6-12yrs 

Cost: $30 per day or $100 for 4 days

Registration Link: https://reg.sportingpulse.com/regoform.cgi?formID=56035

For Further Information Contact: Leon Birnie  leon@centralfootball.co.nz / 021 734 379

Interested in playing Womens Football

Monday, 21 March 2016

Any Women interested in playing football this season.


Port Hill United FC are still seeking Women’s players for our Social and development teams. Even if you have never played before, we have a spot for you.

Feel free to come down to Marewa Park at 6pm on Wednesday for a look or contact Shane McKenzie on 021484654 to find out more.

Hawkes Bay player registration links for 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

ALL Football players must register themselves for the 2016 season. Please look down this list to find your club, then click on the link provided, so you can register yourself. The Junior clubs will be added once their forms are ready.

Central Hawkes Bay AFC - CLICK HERE

Eskview United AFC - CLICK HERE

Hastings Hibernian - CLICK HERE

Hastings Old Boys - CLICK HERE

Havelock North Wanderers AFC - CLICK HERE

Marewa United - CLICK HERE

Maycenvale United AFC - CLICK HERE

Napier City Rovers AFC - CLICK HERE

Napier Marist Football Club - CLICK HERE

Napier South Football Club – Senior - CLICK HERE

Port Hill United Football Club Inc - CLICK HERE

Scindians AFC - CLICK HERE


Western Rangers Football Association - CLICK HERE



CHB Junior Football - CLICK HERE

Eskview Junior Football - CLICK HERE

Flaxmere School - CLICK HERE


Haumoana Juniors CLICK HERE

Hereworth School - CLICK HER

Irongate School - CLICK HERE

Lindisfarne College- CLICK HERE

Napier South Junior Football - CLICK HERE

Patoka School - CLICK HERE

Pukehamoamoa School - CLICK HERE

Port Hill Juniors - CLICK HERE

Waimarama School - CLICK HERE

Wairoa Juniors - CLICK HERE



Hastings Hibernian Junior Registration Day

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
Any inquiries please contact Candi Williams hastingshibernian@hotmail.com 

New player registration form

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Please click here for the player registration information Club guide.

Please click here for the player registration information Player guide. 

"This Registration Information Guide is for all Players who play in New Zealand Football affiliated competitions.

We suggest that you read this Information Guide in its entirety before registering for the 2016 season."


2015 Hawke's Bay FTC Prizegiving

Thursday, 10 December 2015
U10 Boys  
Players Player Sean Grenside
MVP Kees Mackirdy
Most Improved  Caleb Hunt
U11 Boys  
Players Player Jack Albertini
MVP Sam Lack
Most Improved  Oliver Whiteside
U12 Boys  
Players Player Isaac Belcher
MVP Isaac Milley
Most Improved  Harry Pike
U13 Boys  
Players Player Jayden Gordon
MVP Alex Eaglestone
Most Improved  Fred Devereux
U14 Boys  
Players Player Zac Madsen
MVP Harry Mason
Most Improved  Kaeden Atkins
U15/16 Boys  
Players Player Ethan Martin
MVP Josh Murphy
Most Improved  Wilson McCullough
U10 Girls  
Players Player Charlotte Cameron
MVP Alexandra Cave
Most Improved  Leila Burder
U11 Girls  
Players Player Stella Marshall
MVP Milla Green
Most Improved  Sophie Watt
U13 Girls  
Players Player Johanna Nieuwenhuis
MVP Tessa Burns
Most Improved  Isabella Crichton
U15 Girls  
Players Player Holly Barclay
MVP Maggie Pedersen
Most Improved  Cate Pedersen
U16+ Girls  
Players Player Shannon Newland
MVP Brynne Hey
Most Improved  Hannah Stead

Central Football 2016 Fee Structure changes

Monday, 30 November 2015

Central Football wish to give notice of the 2016 Fee Structure for the Federation, and the changes from 2015.

The Board has approved the following for implementation in 2016:

  1. A change in the competition fee structure from a flat rate dependent of grade model to a sliding scale model in line with the level of competition.
  2. A change in the way affiliation fees are charged, from a charge made on a set number of player per team to an individual player charge structure.

The changes as detailed above have been decided after due diligence on other Federation models and charges, other sports and the likely future direction of New Zealand Football in terms of the collection of affiliation fees.

The change in the fee structure for Central Football competitions is the first since the inception of the Federation with the new structure recognising the difference between aspiring football from social football. In this structure “aspiring” is defined as Division 1 and higher and “social” Division 2 and lower. In regions where there is only one division that division is considered social. For social football this will result in lower fees per team entry but in aspiring football higher fees per team entry. The difference in the amount the clubs pay in entry fees is expected to be around cost neutral, but the amount clubs collect from their players may differ.

The change from affiliation fees being charged per team to per player underlines the fact that everyone in football has a responsibility to support the game. Whilst being subsidised may suit the non-paying members it is unfair on the paying ones. How the change to an individual affiliation fee is implemented internally is up to each club to decide and administer but it interesting that since an individual affiliation fee was introduced to Mainland Football in 2014 this has resulted in many clubs increasing revenue. This was a result of the Federation doing audits of team cards versus Goalnet registrations which in turn alerted the clubs to team members that may not have paid membership subscriptions. It has also enabled clubs to identify and charge “ad-hoc” (ring in players) on a pay to play basis. Central Football will be doing similar audits throughout the season to ensure not only that Goalnet requirements are met but to aid clubs in their recording processes and collection of their subscriptions. 

The process for invoicing will be as follows:


  1. March 2016 - 1st installment of Seniors based on a third of team entries plus ground costs.
  2. April 2016 – 2nd installment of Seniors based on a third of team entries plus ground costs.
  3. May 2016 – 3rd installment of Seniors based on players registered in Goalnet plus balance of entry fees and ground costs.


  1. April 2016 – 1st installment of Juniors and Youth based on half of team entries plus ground costs.
  2. May 2016 – 2nd installment of Juniors and Youth based on players registered in Goalnet plus balance of entry fees and ground costs. 

The change to an individual affiliation fee will result in better tracking and monitoring of the Central Football player base, resulting in better funding and reporting and therefore supporting the investment of football in our region/s. It is also important to note that Central Football is not budgeting for any increased revenue from the aforementioned changes, with the driver for the changes being a fairer, more equitable and transparent fee model for all.

To view the Central Football fee structure for 2016 click here.

To view an audio/visual explanation of the fee structure for 2016 click here.

To view an explanation of the money flows to and from Central Football click here.

Clubs and schools are also advised that for 2016 referee charges will not be split but will be invoiced to the home club/school. This will provide clarity for clubs/schools as the invoicing will clearly detail games you have had referees, thus providing easier access to information often requested. Please note there has been no increase in referee charges for 2016. 

I close in thanking you for your understanding of the new modelling for 2016 and wish you and your members well for the festive season.

John McGifford
Chief Executive Officer


Central Football 2016 Fee Structure

Sunday, 29 November 2015

To view the Central Football fee structure for 2016 click here.

To view an audio/visual explanation the fee structure for 2016 click here

To view an explanation of the money flows to and from Central Football click here.


Western Rangers Coaching position

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rangers Logo


Western Rangers are looking

For a coach for our Premier team

For the 2016 season, if you are

Interested email Dave on


By the 15th October 2015

2015 Federation Talent Centre Squads - Hawke's Bay

Friday, 28 August 2015

U10 Boys

Sebastian Bayliss, Cameron Browning, James Carter-Bayliss, Monty Field, Noah Greaney, Sean Grenside, Thomas Hall, Blair Hastie, Cameron Houston, Caleb Hunt, Harry Huxford, Bastien Larcelet, Corbyn Lukies, Kees Mackirdy, Matthew Marshall, Caleb Marwick, Christian Niederer, Cameron Paterson, Tom Speers, Maz Taylor, Joesph Thompson, Declan Trow, Reon Werahiko

Coaches: Troy Pennycooke-Morgan, Andrew Huxford and Alana Waters

U11 Boys

Jack Albertini, Anshul Banerjee, Luca Barclay, Dylan Barker, Seb Barton-Ginger, Oscar Cooper, Maika Cracknell, Reuben Crossland, Angus Dykes, Toby Evans, George Field, Niall Henman-Joyce, Tom Hooper, Max Jardine, Ryan Jones, Oliver Kendall-Jackson, Sam Lack, Corbin Lee, Cooper McDougall, Charle Meek, Ryan Miller, Oliver Strong, Jonty Unwin, Jack Waddington, Oliver Whiteside

Coaches: Rebecca Eaglestone, Terry O'Neill and Ben Kemp

U12 Boys

Liam Alexander, Isaac Belcher, Baylee Foote, Thomas Gallagher, Ethan Green, Jackson Haines, Harrison Keane, Campbell Lane, Joshua Larcelet, Oscar Mason, Tony Mildon, Isaac milley, Cormac Murphy, Harry Pike, Sam Wall, Chris Willox, David Willox

Coaches: Fred Taylor and Keiron McCardle

U13 Boys

Adam Barron, Christopher Cacho-Bevin, Joshua Clere, Christopher Cunningham, Fred Devereux, Alexander Eaglestone, Luke Foster, Sam Gilbert, Jayden Gordon, Brendan Joe, Ayden Jones, Braeden Kommeren, Sean Lee, Oliver Marshall, Max Taylor, Matthew Willis

Coaches: David Willis

U14 Boys 

Kayden Adema, Thomas Alve, Kaeden Atkins, Charlie Bayly, Ethan Clarke, Jarred Coutts, Harry Lack, Brody Lucas, Zac Madsen, Harry Mason, Adam Richardson, Luis Toomey, Sam Waddington, Robert Ward, Sam Williams, Kenny Willox

Coach: Darren Mason and Richard Willox

U15/16 Boys

Jorge Akers, Dylan Barron, Joshua Bowie, Bradley Calder, Jackson Durrington, Campbell Hantler, Ben Lack, Ethan Ladd, Vinne Mackirdy, Karan Mandair, Ethan Martin, Wilson McCullough, Luke Morgan, Josh Murphy, Ippei Ninomiya, Jackson Ralph, Jed Shephard, Callum Walker, Morgan Weaver

Coaches: Marty Akers

U10 Girls

Ruby Alexander, Molly Averill, Abby Boyes, Anouk Buijer, Brooke Calder, Charlotte Cameron, Alexander Cave, Aylssa Geldard, Lily Giddens, Sydney Grant-Smith, Isabel Jarvis, Maia Kemp, Leila Burder, Libby Lowry, Helena Mills, Izzy Pearce, Sophie Quayle, Ella Simmonds, Alecia Thomas, Megan Thomas, Tahlia Vainu, Amelie van Florenstein, Te Oriwia Whaitiri, Eve W, Kaya Whaitiri-Dee, Kasey Wilson

Coaches: George Leete, Paul Calder, Terry O'Neill

U11 Girls

Kyrah Adema, Aniela Apperley, Zoe Collier, Jamie Evans, Hollie Gee, Jaimee Gerbes, Brooke Gilmore, Milla Green, Sara Hollis, Maddison Hughes, Emma Jarvis, Olivia Johnson, Aimee Kay, Olivia Lee, Imogen Lovell, Stella Marshall, Anna McCaw, Emma McDougall, Kiana Pohu, Aysha Saunders, Lucy Smith, Sarah Tong, Tiffany Ward, Sophie Watt, Grace Whaanga

Coaches: Natasha Saunders, Jason Curtis and Aleesha Heywood

U13 Girls

Maddison Alve, Tessa Burns, Issy Crichton, Flora Devonshire, Emily Grenside, Charlotte Lancaster, Brianna Lee, Rachel McDougall, Hazel Morgaine, Johanna Nieuwenhuis, Chloe O'Rorke, Harriet Park, Tia Tahua, Maddison Wallis, Caitlin Wilson, Pippa Jane Wyllie

Coach: Paul Weaver

U15 Girls

Gabriella Anderson, Samantha Anderson, Aimee Atkins, Holly Barclay, Abigail Kilkolly, Guinevere MacDonald, Payten Marshall-Cram, Maggie Pedersen, Cate Pedersen, Casey Ralph, Katie Scales, Laura Somerville, Emily Watt, Chloe Waugh, Phoebe Williams, Brooke Wylie

Coaches: Terry O’Neill, Shelley Cameron and Wayne Atkins

16+ Girls

Nickylee Anderson, Marie Bailey, Claudia Barham, Bridie Barry, Amiria Bates, Maggie Brunton, Brynne Hey, Adidas Kepa, Phoebe Mason, Aishlin McIntrye, Rose Morton, Shannon Newlyn, Melissa Pinfold, Kate St Louis, Hannah Steed

Coaches: Shane McKenzie

Goal Keeper Coaches: Sophie Hoare and Brendan Adema 

Central Football 2014 Annual Report

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Click below to view the Central Football 2014 Annual Report

2014 Central Football Annual Report

Whole of Football Plan

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hawke's Bay RAG Website

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Advisory Group have created a website for information around their workings.

To read more please click here


Central Football launch Support Fund

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Board of Central Football has signed off a plan designed to support individuals who may be lost to the game due to financial constraints. Named the “Off the Bench Support Plan” the initiative is aimed at a broad range of developing footballers but with a focus on those who have been identified with the potential to ultimately participate at Federation level and beyond.  

Central Football Chairperson Mrs Johanna Wood commented “The initiative has been developed through Central Football’s awareness of the importance of sport to our developing youth, the part it plays in the social fabric of our communities and a further awareness that sport is not always fully accessible due to financial limitation. The Board has had a long term objective to develop a plan to support this fund which has now been made possible through the Federation realising its own financial objective. The plan will be reviewed annually to ensure the intended outcomes are met”.

To view the Overview, Criteria and Process for the Off the Bench Support Fund please click here

To access an Off the Bench Support Fund application form please click here

Caution regarding the use of Social Media

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Whilst positively embracing the use of social media, Central Football cautions those who use this medium to express individual views on referee decisions or make defamatory personal remarks against individuals will not be tolerated.  

Such behaviour is a breach of NZ Football’s Code of Conduct and charges will be bought against offenders.

 I thank you for your understanding.  

John McGifford

Chief Executive Officer  



Upcoming Events

3 June
Federation Talent Centre nominations Close

4 June
Chatham Cup/NZWomens Cup Round 2 Queens Birthday

20 June
Affiliation/League Fees-Senior

25 June
Chatham Cup/NZWomens Cup Round 3

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