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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Get your friends, school mates, sisters, cousins together 

Date: Term 4: Monday 3rd Nov - 1st November (5 weeks)

Term 1: Monday 9th February – 9th March (5 weeks)

Venue: Park Island, Napier

Time:  4.30pm – 6.00pm

Cost:  $30 as individual / $120 team of 5 / $170 team of 7


To register click on the link 


For more information contact: Chloe Katene 022 0137255  chloe@centralfootball.co.nz


GIRL'S Only September Holiday Programme

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Where: GIRL'S ONLY Napier Boys High School.

Start date: Monday, 29 September 2014

Finish date: Thursday 2 October 2014

Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm

Who: 4-13 year olds

Cost: $30 per day or $100 for 4 days

To register please click on the link below


For further information contact Chloe Katene chloe@centralfootball.co.nz


022 0137255

Worth kicking around in the School Hoildays

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Where: Napier Boys High School, Chambers Street, Napier  OR Woodford House, Iona Rd Havelock North OR GIRL'S ONLY Napier Boys High School.

Start date: Monday, 29 September 2014

Finish date: Thursday 2 October 2014

Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm

Who: 4-13 year olds

Cost: $30 per day or $100 for 4 days

To register please click on the link below


For further information contact Leon Birnie leon@centralfootball.co.nz

021 734 379 


PN Marist want coaches for 2015!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014



Palmerston North Marist Football Club is looking for soccer coaches who want to be a part of a team that is driven to achieve and encourages full participation. Coaching a soccer team with Marist Football is a rewarding experience, working with players who want to learn and are keen to win.


For the 2015 season we are inviting current coaches keen to coach again and any other interested sports coaches within the community to apply for our 2015 coaching positions.  We aim to provide our teams with quality coaching, equipment and uniforms and create a positive environment.


We currently have teams within the following leagues -



Marist Firsts - Central League

Marist Reserves - Lotto Federation League

Marist Banshees - Western Premiership

Marist Royals - Manawatu Div 2

Marist Masters - Manawatu Div 2

Marist Celts - Manawatu Div 2

Marist Greenies - Manawatu Div 3

Marist Jokers - Manawatu Div 3



Marist Firsts - Div 1

Women’s Development Team - Division yet to be decided

Marist Harlequins - Div 1

Marist Evergreenz - Div 2

Marist Emeralds - Div 2

Marist Mysteries - Div 2


NOTE: Winter elite level coaching positions are likely to start the first week in February. Social coaching positions will start approximately March and continue through September 2015. Men’s games are played on Saturday afternoons and the Women’s leagues are played Sunday afternoons.


Applicants close on Tuesday 30 September 2014. Shortlisting and interviews will occur the following week and appointments will be made by 18 October 2014.

Please send all CVs and letters advising the teams or levels you are interested in coaching or being involved with to The Secretary, PO Box 79, Palmerston North or email fiona@marton.school.nz 


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Central Football launch Support Fund

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Board of Central Football has signed off a plan designed to support individuals who may be lost to the game due to financial constraints. Named the “Off the Bench Support Plan” the initiative is aimed at a broad range of developing footballers but with a focus on those who have been identified with the potential to ultimately participate at Federation level and beyond.  

Central Football Chairperson Mrs Johanna Wood commented “The initiative has been developed through Central Football’s awareness of the importance of sport to our developing youth, the part it plays in the social fabric of our communities and a further awareness that sport is not always fully accessible due to financial limitation. The Board has had a long term objective to develop a plan to support this fund which has now been made possible through the Federation realising its own financial objective. The plan will be reviewed annually to ensure the intended outcomes are met”.

To view the Overview, Criteria and Process for the Off the Bench Support Fund please click here

To access an Off the Bench Support Fund application form please click here

2014 Federation Talent Centre Squads - Hawke's Bay

Monday, 21 July 2014

U10 Boys

Jack Albertini, Anshul Banerjee , Luca Barclay, Dylan Barker, Sebastian Barton-Ginger Cameron Browning, Oscar Cooper, Nick Duley, Toby Evans, Sean Grenside, Thomas Hall, Koji Hardgrave-Abe, Niall Henman Joyce, Cameron Houston, Harry Huxford, Ryan Jones, Oliver Kendall-Jackson,  Sam Lack, Reuben Mitchell, Christian Niederer, Cameron Paterson, Declan Trow, Jonty Unwin, Jack Waddington

Coaches: Terry O’Neill and Dave Wills

U11 Boys

Liam Alexander, Charlie Baker, Guy Bayly, Isaac Belcher, Jack Brooks, Baylee Foote, Thomas Gallagher, Ethan Green, Jackson Haines, Ciaran Huggins, Sehun Kim, Campbell Lane, Ryan Langman, Joshua Larcelet, Oscar Mason, Tony Mildon, Isaac Milley, Cormac Murphy, Thomas O'Shea, Harry Pike, Tim Slabbekoorn, Sam Wall, Christopher Willox, David Willox

Coaches: Matthew Hardgrave , Fred Taylor & Rebecca Eglestone.

U12 Boys

Christopher Cacho-Bevin, Joshua Clere, Fred Devereux, Jordan Dixon-Grant, Alex Eaglestone, Sam Gilbert, Jayden Gordon, Brendon Joe, Aayden Jones, Braeden Kommeren, Sean Lee, Oliver Marshall, Adam Richardson, Max Taylor, Matthew Willis, Matthew Woodhead.

Coaches: Graeme Jones and Chloe Katene

U13 Boys

James Aston, Ethan Clarke, Jarred Coutts, Brayden Hill, Harry Lack, Brodie Lucas, Zac Madsen, Christian McCardell, Jack Parker, Andre Petersen, Daniel Rowe, Zac Stichbury, Harry van der Gulik, Sam Waddington, Robert Ward, Kenny Willox.

Coaches: Dennis Rowe & Richard Willox

U14 Boys

Jorge Akers, Kayden Adema, James Barclay, Brad Calder, Jackson Durrington, Ethan Ladd, Vinnie Mackirdy, Karan Mandair, Ethan Martin, Harry Mason, Kaleb Miller, Luke Morgan, Aiden Robson, Sam Skilton, Luis Toomey, Guevara Watson

Coach: Dave Carswell

U15/16 Boys

Dylan Barron, Logan Benseman, Ryan Birkett, Dylan Du Ross, Campbell Hantler, Luke Horn, Aiden Ivares, Mason Jones, Mitchell Keip, Ben Lack, Luke Maynard, Wilson McCullough, Josh Murphy, Ippei Ninomiya, Bradley Perks, Jackson Ralph, Jed Shepherd, Ross Willox, Julian Simon, Dominic Nash, Callum Walker.

Coaches: Tim Claudatos

U10 Girls

Kyrah Adema, Molly Averill, Brooke Calder, Zoe Collier, Sara Hollis, Maddison Hughes, Emma Jarvis, Tiaamana Johansen, Aimee Kay, Charlie Kennedy, Olivia Lee, Emma McDougall, Kiana Pohe, Aysha Saunders, Ella Simmonds, Lucy Smith, Watt Sophie, Sarah Tong, Tiffany Ward, Grace Whaanga.

Coaches: Reece Brew, Kara O’Neill, Ashley Arquette, Sarah Morton

U11 Girls

Maddison Alve, Samantha Cave, Laila Christison, Issy Crichton, Flora Devonshire, Jamie Evans, Hollie Gee, Milla Green, Ruby    Hodgetts, Charlotte Lancaster, Stella Marshall, Anna McCaw, Brooklyn  McIntyre, Chloe O'Rorke, Harriet  Park, Maggie Parsons, Sophie Read-Jones, Lara Watson, Emily White, Caitlin Wilson, Pippa  Wyllie,  Maia Young Pomana, Aniele Apperley, Kaya Whaitiri-Dee, Atalia Thompson.

Coaches: Chloe Katene and George Leete

U13 Girls

Gabby  Anderson, Holly Barclay,  Tessa Burns,  Abbey Kilkolly, Briana Lee, Brooklyn McDonald, Rachel McDougall, Hazel Morgaine, Johanna Nieuwenhuis, Cate Pedersen, Casey Ralph, Katie Scales, Tia Tahau, Chloe Waugh, Phoebe Williams, Aimee Atkins.

Coach: Craig Barkle

U15 Girls

Samantha Anderson, Marie Bailey, Harriett Birchall, Sophie Blundell,  Maggie Brunton, Brynne Hey, Caitlyn Kiwara, Guinivere MacDonald, Payten Marshall-Cramm, Aishlin  McIntyre, Ruby McNamara, Zoe Parker, Maggie Pedersen, Sophie Pyott, Laura Somerville, Brooke Wylie.

Coach: Terry O’Neill

Manager: Alana Waters

16+ Girls

Brook Akers, Claudia Barham, Bridie Barry, Lynda Coldicutt, Abi Collins, Alouette Flowers, Jordan Gerbes, Larissa Hamlin, Lauren Hartridge, Emma Hunter, Phoebe Mason, Rose Morton, Shannon Newlyn, Felicity Robottom, Cheyenne Welsh.

Coaches: Scott Burns and Shane McKenzie

Goal Keeper Coaches: Brendon Adema and Sophie Hoare

Minutes - Hawke's Bay Regional Advisory Group

Tuesday, 8 July 2014
A meeting of the Hawke's Bay Regional Advisory Group was held on Monday 16 June 2014, the minutes from which are available by clicking here.

New contact details for Central Football

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Please note that the Central Football offices in Hawke's Bay have shifted to new premises.

The new physical address is:

46 Clyde Jeffery Drive


Napier 4182 


The new land line numbers are:

Phone:      06 844 5850 

Fax:           06 844 5849 





Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Junior Level 1 @ Napier City Rovers Clubrooms

23rd & 24th June 2014 6-8pm

To register please click on the link below 




Youth Level 1 @ Napier City Rovers Clubrooms

30th June and 1st July 2014 6-8pm

To register please click on the link below



Junior Level 2 - Tactical @ Napier City Rovers Clubrooms

2nd & 3rd July 2014 6-8pm

To register please click on the link below




Youth Level 2 - Technique to Skill @ Napier City Rovers Clubrooms

7th & 8th July 2014 

To register please click on the link below




For any inforamtion about these courses please contact Leon 021 734 379



Annual Report and Financial Presentation

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Annual Report and Financial Presentation for the Year End 31 December 2013 were presented at the 14th Annual General Meeting of Central Football on Sunday 25 May 2014.

Please click here to view the Annual Report

Please click here to view the Financial Presentation

Minutes - Hawke's Bay Regional Advisory Group

Thursday, 10 April 2014
A meeting of the Hawke's Bay Regional Advisory Group was held on Monday 10 March 2014, the minutes from which are available by clicking here.

How to submit your teams result on Goalnet

Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to submit your teams result on Goalnet

Please click here for User Guide

Central Football Programmes 2014

Friday, 7 March 2014
Click here for details

Caution regarding the use of Social Media

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Whilst positively embracing the use of social media, Central Football cautions those who use this medium to express individual views on referee decisions or make defamatory personal remarks against individuals will not be tolerated.  

Such behaviour is a breach of NZ Football’s Code of Conduct and charges will be bought against offenders.

 I thank you for your understanding.  

John McGifford

Chief Executive Officer  


Whole of Football Plan

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

U11 Boys

Most Improved: Sam Gilbert

Player's Player: Sean Lee

Most Valuable: Alex Eagleston

U11 Girls

Most Improved: Nina Boesch

Player's Player: Cate Pedersen

Most Valuable: Charlotte Lancaster


U 12 Boys

Most Improved: Jack Parker

Player's Player: Sam Waddington

Most Valuable: Jarred Coutts

U 13 Girls

Most Improved: Jenna Tidswell

Player's Player: Brook Wylie

Most Valuable: Maggie Pedersen

U13 Boys

Most Improved: Jack Durrington

Player's Player: Aiden Robson

Most Valuable: Luis Toomey

U14 Boys

Most Improved: Dylan Barron

Player's Player: Campbell Hantler

Most Valuable: Vinnie Mackirdy

U15 Girls

Most Improved: Melissa Pinfold

Player's Player: Shannon Newlyn

Most Valuable: Rose Morton

16+ Girls

Most Improved: Natasha Little

Player's Player: Larissa Hamlin

Most Valuable: Holleigh Ellis

15/16 Boys

Most Improved: Yeshnil Naiker

Player's Player: Shae Bauefeind

Most Valuable: Brigham Fraser

2013 Federation Talent Centre Squad-Hawke's Bay

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

U11 Boys

Adam Barron, George Bergman, Christopher Cacho-Bevin, Joshua Clere, Fred Devereux, Alex Eagleston, Sam Gilbert, Liam Hall, Ciaran Huggins, Brendon Joe, Aayden Jones, Ryan Langman, Joshua Larcelet, Sean Lee, Archie Mawley, Jamol Mohi, Lleyton O'Carroll, Adam Richardson, Tim Slabberkoorn, Max Taylor, Seth Taylor, Sam Wall, Matthew Willis, Matthew Woodhead Coaches: Graeme Jones, Terry O'Neill & Keegan Bright

U12 Boys

Kayden Adema, Ethan Clarke, Jarred Coutts, Brayden Hill, Harry Lack, Brodie Lucas, Zac Madsen, Harry Mason, Jack Parker, Andre Petersen, Daniel Rowe, Zac Stitchbury, Sam Waddington, George Wellwood, Kenny Willox, Nicholas Yorke Coaches: Darren Mason & Brendon Adema

U13 Boys

James Barclay, Jackson Durrington, Jack Gordon, William Kimber, Ethan Ladd, Liam Marshall, Ethan Martin, Luke Morgan, Amos Plumpton, Joel Restieaux, Aiden Robson, Leighton Ross, Max Simcox, Sam Skilton, Luis Toomey, Guevara Watson Coaches: Henry Harland & Dennis Rowe

U14 Boys

Jorge Akers, Dylan Barron, Josh Bowie, Campbell Hantler, Thomas Hawley, Zayne Jennings, Ben lack, Vinnie Mackirdy, Karan Mandair, Wilson McCullough, James Mikkelson, Josh Murphy, Ippei Ninomiya, Jackson Ralph, Andrew Shand, Jed Shepherd Coaches: Matt Hastings & Dave Mackirdy

15/16 Boys

Shae Bauerfeind, Logan Benseman, Charlie Devonshire, Dylan Durross, Brigham Fraser, Luke Horn, Aiden Ivares-Pratt, Mason Jones, Mitchell Keip, Luke Maynard, Rogan McNarmara, Bryn Moloney, Yeshnil Naiker, Bradley Perks, Reuben Thurston Le Lo, Matthew Willemburg, Ross Willox. Coaches: Tim Claudatos, Tony Hutchins, Richard Willox

U11 Girls

Maddison Alve, Nina Boesch, Tessa Burns, Laila Christison, Issy Crichton, Flora Devonshire, Jamie Evans, Hollie Gee, Milla Green, Emily Grenside, Daisy Hill, Charlotte Lancaster, Briana lee, Stella Marshall, Anna McCaw, Brooklyn McDonald, Rachel McDougall, Hazel Morgaine, Johanna Nieuwenhuis, Chloe O'Rorke, Cate Pedersen, Sophie Read-Jones, Tia Tahau, Courtney Tamati, Madison Wallis, Maia Young Coaches: Scott Burns, Chloe Katene & Rosie Morgan

U13 Girls

Gabby Anderson, Samantha Anderson, Maggie Brunton, Greer Edilson, Brynne Hey, Guinivere MacDonald, Payten Marshall-Cramm, Aishlin McIntyre, Maggie Pedersen, Casey Ralph, Katie Scales, Laura Somerville, Jenna Tidswell, Chloe Waugh, Brooke Wylie Coaches: Craig Barkle & Rebecca Eaglestone

U15 Girls

Nickylee Anderson, Marie Bailey, Claudia Barham, Bridie Barry, Sophie Blundell, Alouette Flowers, Caitlyn Kiwara, Phoebe Mason, Ruby McNamara, Rose Morton, Megan Mudaly, Shannon Newlyn, Gabby Palmer, Zoe Parker, Sophia Peterson, Melissa Pinfold Coach: Steve Clark

16+ Girls

Brook Akers, Lynda Coldicutt, Abi Collins, Chante Crasborne, Holleigh Ellis, Chrissy Glassey, Larissa Hamlin, Lauren Hartridge, Emma Hunter, Natasha Little, Erika McCathy-Lay, Sarah Morton, Ella Verhoeven, Laura Wallis, Cheyenne Welsh, Grace Fulford Coaches: Marty Akers and Nancy Campbell

2012-2014 Central Football Strategic Plan

Tuesday, 10 April 2012
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